We are seeing more hedge fund jobs.

///We are seeing more hedge fund jobs.

We are seeing more hedge fund jobs.

By  Thomas Sidenburg, Director Global Search
LeadingAlpha Search | Tyler Capital Group

 On the whole, how many jobs were created, net of being destroyed, by the hedge fund industry in the current year compared to the previous year?  Through the second quarter of 2012 that figure comes out to be 3.5 percent.


The second quarter growth rate represents acceleration from the first quarter growth rate of 1.6 percent.  On a longer term basis, hedge fund employment is still down from its pre-recession peak of over 21,000 in the fourth quarter of

2008.  At its current growth rate, employment in the hedge fund industry will reach its all-time high in about 3 years, or 2015.

Shifting to comparing the hedge fund industry to the growth rate in overall employment, the hedge fund industry is besting the overall economy’s employment growth rate by about two and a half times (3.5 percent versus 1.4 percent).  In fact, as the comparison chart shows, hedge fund employment growth has bested the overall economy in each of the
The roles in highest demand by our hedge fund clients are:past seven quarters, with the exception of the second quarter of 2011.  The greater growth rate in hedge fund employment in a recovery is expected because hedge fund employment is much more cyclical than the overall economic base.

  • Portfolio Managers with a sector specialization, 3 years track on min. 100mm.
  • Sr. Analyst on the cusp, someone that provided consistent positive returns on ideas generated last 48 months
  • Analyst with a specialization or generalist able to provide continuous idea generation.  Fast, Sharp Thinker.
  • Quant- All Flavors, High Frequency, Black box Developer,  preferably with actual track over backtest results
  • Investor Relations- someone with a Rolodex and history raising 300mm- 1bn+
  • TEAMS*

*TEAMS!! -Clients are actively looking for us to present them investment teams.  A team that is happily seated but may be open to discussing an upgrade scenario.  Fundamental long/short and Quantitative teams should be aware of this.  If your team has a track record out performing your peers showing strong returns you should contact me.  My clients can and will allocate capital to your strategy.  It may be worth exploring and surely wont hurt to listen.

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