Hedge Fund Biggest Taxpayers In UK Lead by David Harding

//Hedge Fund Biggest Taxpayers In UK Lead by David Harding

Hedge Fund Biggest Taxpayers In UK Lead by David Harding

Biggest tax payer in UK is hedge fund manager David Harding

Chairman and head of research at Winton Capital Management. His earnings last year included part of £52.76m dividend for 2010. Highest-paid director on £11.786m

David Harding studied theoretical physics at Cambridge but switched to stock-broking and, later, commodity futures. He founded Winton, a £26bn hedge fund, to show that a financial operation can be run on scientific principles. Mr Harding sponsors a statistics and risk professorship at Cambridge and is a patron of similar research at Berlin’s Max Planck Institute. Although a big Tory donor, he said in 2011: “There is too great a tendency to see everything as a plot against the British.” He disagrees with George Osborne that a financial transactions tax would be “a bullet aimed at the heart of London”. He has said nothing in public about personal taxation.

Hedge Fund Winton Capital Management was named after Mr Harding’s middle name, which was also his father’s Christian name, and focuses on applying empirical scientific research to the markets. It currently employs over 110 researchers with masters degrees and doctorates in a wide range of disciplines, including “extra-galactic astrophysics.” Last year the business enjoyed turnover of £350m and made operating profits of £233m, paying £2m in corporation tax.

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