Billionaire Hedge Funder Dropped Half a Billion on 2 Paintings

Billionaire Hedge Fund boss Ken Griffin  dropped half a Billion on 2 contemporary paintings Willem de Kooning and a Jackson Pollock.


Ken Griffin makes $90,000 per hour even while he’s sleeping, according to his soon-to-be-ex-wife
Citadel CEO Ken Griffin has set a new record for contemporary-art collectors.

The billionaire has bought two paintings for a combined $500 million,

Griffin reportedly bought a Willem de Kooning and a Jackson Pollock.

The de Kooning is now believed to be the most expensive work of contemporary art ever sold, according to CNBC.

It’s also believed to be the second-most expensive piece of art sold on record.

Griffin has loaned both works to the Art Institute of Chicago.

 Willem de Kooning and a Jackson Pollock

An art collector for 20 years, Griffin in November voiced concerns about the art market.

He said it’s dominated by investors, rather than collectors, which is problematic because it’s such an opaque market.

Griffin’s hedge fund, Citadel, this week cut more than a dozen employees, including portfolio managers, in its Surveyor Capital arm, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The cuts followed losses for the firm in 2016.

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