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Accused Ass Grabber Hedge Funder Calls Bartender a Fucking Cunt

Hedge Funder Brian Lederman Accused in Grabbing Bartender’s Ass Calls Bartender a Fucking Cunt.

Hedge funder’s defense in grope case: ‘I always grab women’
Brian Lederman claims he didn’t grab waitress Laura Ramadei, but says he’s done it plenty to others.
He says he’s a connoisseur of the “ass grab” — but this waitress just wasn’t on his menu.

Hedge Fund Managers Who Love Strippers at Work

Hot shot hedge fund guys working long hours prefer having strippers and hookers in the office.

Billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio got fired for ardering strippers for his boss is now ruinning the largest hedge fund in the world.

Hedge Fund Closing That Put a lot of Prostitutes Out Of Work – that was the case when hedge fund founder Raj Rajaratnam was arrested.

Bernie Madoff office was so frequent to coke and hoes that it was nicknamed as North Pole.

Happy Hedgies Hit Vegas

Cohibas, Cocktails, and 1800 industry professionals hit the strip for SALT 2014.   Here’s a recap of what took place over the 4 days in vice land Vegas. First day, I headed with the girls to the pool for some…

Alpha Babes With Sexy Naughty Side

Hot Alpha Babes who have sexy naughty side.   Self-made billionaire alpha female Lynn Tilton She sports 5-inch heels to “look sufficiently fierce to make sure I garner the respect I deserve.” Her office is decorated with whips, handcuffs, and…