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Top 30 Hottest Startup CEOs

Top 30 Hottest Startup CEO 30. David Arabov Arabov created the news website Elite Daily because he and the site’s other two cofounders wanted to make a news site that was The Huffington Post for millennials. “Gen Y is where…

How This Guy Hacked His Way In To A Hedge Fund

Convicted Hacker Andrew Auernheimer also known as Weeve, told CNBC of his investment strategy and how he shorts it right every time ;) In 2010, Weeve was accused and convicted of hacking into AT&T’s website and stealing more than 100,000 email…

Davos- George Soros VS Eric Schmidt on Tech Bubble

George Soros fireside chat Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt at financier George Soros’ annual media dinner. While both touched on issues of foreign affairs, inequality, and conflict, they couldn’t have been more different in tone and style

Criminal Mastermind Behind Silk Road Black Market Site

Ross Ulbrich Criminal Mastermind Behind Silk Road Black Market Site. Ross Ulbrich was arrested on October 1 2013. His computer, according to the F.B.I., was the command center of Silk Road, the world’s largest and most notorious black market for drugs. In…

Too Sexy For Instagram – Pornstagram

Most of the sites nowdays have porn problem- Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter of course Tumblr (Tumblr was ok with it – at least until they sold to Yahoo for $1.1B) Too Sexy For Instagram – Pornstagram. After Instagram changed their privacy settings- and now they are eliminating all the too sexy content pages.

Yahoo Buys Tumblr For $1.1B – What’s Dan Loeb’s Next Plan

Yahoo Buys Tumblr for $1.1 Billion- But What will hedge fund mastermind Dan Loeb Do next?

Loeb (Yahoo +Tumbler) x Loeb (Sony x Gaming/Sony) + Yahoo Ultimate Private Cloud = x

That’s one way to look at it- any other ideas? x > xboxlive?

F*ck Yeah – Tumblr CEO David Karp signed a note announcing Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO)’s $1.1 billion acquisition with the closing.

Bill Gates Tops The Richest Billionaire List $72.7 Billion

Bill Gates Tops The  Richest  Billionaire List  $72.7 Billion according to Bloomberg Billionaires Index. 1968 – Begins programming computers at age 13. 1972 – Co-founds a company called Traf-O-Data, which analyzes local traffic patterns, while still in school. Summer 1972…

Whats The Deal With Blackberry After-all?

A few months back I read an article, actually it was a full page advertisement in “Bloomberg Business Week” printed across the top, in all-caps bold BYOD- (Bring Your Own Device) surely I thought Blackberry is preparing to raise the…

LinkedIn Turns It’s Contacts Section to an IPhone App

LinkedIn is relaunching it’s contact section as standalone App and as smart contact management system that lets users integrate connections on LinkedIn with those form Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Apps along with Iphone and more, and then serve as personal assistant to help manage your interactions with them.

Facebook Buys Parse in Cash and Stock Deal Valued $85 Million

Facebook has acquired Parse in Cash and Stock Deal Valued $85 Million.

Parse, which was founded in 2011 and has raised $7 million from investors like Ignition Partners, helps companies build mobile applications across different operating systems.
Parse is basically an app that makes it much easier to build other apps by giving users a library of some of the most widely-used functions in an app.

Sex Meets Tech – New Sex App That Lets You Romp on the Phone

Sex Meets Tech – New Sex App With Vibrating Underwear That Lets You Have Virtual Sex on the Phone

Picture this- couple, thousands of miles apart is having virtual – wearing his and hers buzzing briefs are fitted with wires and sensors, which are hooked up to the net by WiFi.
This virtual sex experience requires wearing vibrating sensor underewear and to use an app on their mobile phones to tease and stimulate the partner – by simply dragging their finger over a diagram of their other half’s intimate parts.
The harder they move their finger more intense the sensation. And then she returns the favor.
The new sex meets tech underwear is called Funderwear made by Durex and is making quite some headlines.

Blackstone Drops $24.4 Billion Dell Buyout Bid

Blackstone Group LP Drops $24.4 Billion Buyout Bid, which leaves Dell with 2 potential bidders. CEO Michael Dell and billionaire hedge fund titan Carl Icahn. Dell has offered $24.4 billion, or $13.65 per share, and would take the company private. Hedge fund hot shot Carl Icahn has made a preliminary proposal to buy a majority of Dell stock while keeping it publicly traded. Icahn plans to pay up to $15 per share for 58 percent of Dell’s stock.

Sex Apps – Bang With Friends and Pro’s

The new Facebook app Bang with friends has stared a line of sex apps and sites. The thing is question turns out to be a charmingly named Facebook app called Bang With Friends. Bang With Friends merely removes the “h”…

Fundraising Statistics And Crowdfunding Data

Crowdfunding  is a way to cut out the middleman and to deliver money right to those who create the product.  JOBS Act officially opened up a new source of funding for small companies and startups. Much of the attention so…