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Hedge Fund Managers Who Love Strippers at Work

Hot shot hedge fund guys working long hours prefer having strippers and hookers in the office.

Billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio got fired for ardering strippers for his boss is now ruinning the largest hedge fund in the world.

Hedge Fund Closing That Put a lot of Prostitutes Out Of Work – that was the case when hedge fund founder Raj Rajaratnam was arrested.

Bernie Madoff office was so frequent to coke and hoes that it was nicknamed as North Pole.

How to Date Multiple Women

Guide to dating multiple women -ultimate form of multi-tasking. There are few different  ways to go about it – full discression, deceptive strategy or work quietly under the radar.   Full discression-  You can tell a girl  beforehand that you…

Mistress Lied Jury About Threesomes and Cocaine Death

Thomas Hoey’s ex mistress lied to jury about three way sex and cocaine death.
Mistress of a wealthy Long Island banana mogul was convicted yesterday of lying to a grand jury to cover up his alleged role in the death of a woman who overdosed on cocaine during a three-way sex romp in a swank Park Avenue hotel.

Cocaine Escorts and The Hedge Fund

This office was called The North Pole for the amount of cocaine they had there?  Can you guess And Hookers and strippers. The building was the Lipstick building were referred to by insiders as the “North Pole.” After infamous Bernie…