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Once Hottest Hedge Fund Couples that Ended Badly

George-Soros-Adriana Ferreyr

Biggest hedge fund fights and break-ups. Including Billionaire George Soros Ex Girlfriend Adriana Ferreyr Berserk George Soros With the Lamp. Then Smacks the 83 Year Old in the Head and Calls Him an Asshole and Piece of Shit.

Signs Your Spouse is Having an Affair

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These signs alone might not mean a thing but when they appear all together – your spouse is having an affair. 1 . Change in their behavior. They are more distant and  no longer this needy  OR they are overly…

How to Date Multiple Women


Guide to dating multiple women -ultimate form of multi-tasking. There are few different  ways to go about it – full discression, deceptive strategy or work quietly under the radar.   Full discression-  You can tell a girl  beforehand that you…

Hedge Hunk Dating


Hedge Hotties should date Hedge Hunks.  So i set off to after work drinks with one. Not bad, a nice outside winebar-restaurant full of suits and suidettes. A crowded winebar that is. So crowded that it is hard to locate my blind…

Hedge Fund Ex Wife Billionaire Dater Elle Macpherson


Supermodel Elle Macpherson is among the hedge fund ex wives that only billionaires.

Like Jim Chanos ex Julie Hayek she is a serial billionaire dater- it sure beats hedge fund titan Steve Cohen’s ex wife who instead of moving on and picking up another billionaire keeps suing his ex.

Now if you don’t think Elle has thing for billionaires, lets check out her portfolio.

CEO-s and Sex Scandals


Sex Scandal CEOs Spark Surge of Notoriety in the C-Suite By Jeff Green  to Bloomberg   Chief executives may be no more prone to extramarital affairs than in the past, yet the notoriety for getting caught has exploded. The resignation…

Top Secret Hedge Hunk Playroom

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Hedgeho has an exclusive scoop on a clandestine gentlemen’s club. The ONLY way in is by personal invite. Word of mouth, no advertizing -the hedgefund way to go before Phillip Goldstein saved the day. Hedgefunds are allowed to advertise now,…

Will the real Hedge Ho please stand up?


Why do hedge fund men cheat so much? Or kill or commit suicide for that matter? I got some real insight to that by spending an evening with my old friend serial hedgie dater Tiffany. Assuming any of them have…

East-Hamptons Excitement


So summer being the season for some  Hamps activities, that’s where we girls naturally spend a few of the weekends. Hot days, hot boys, hot toys…I am certainly not the one to deprive myself. However i do choose my indulgencies carefully.(Important!).  Hottie over a donut, hedge funder over a lawyer……

A Place Where Hedge Funder Meets Gold-Diggers


We all remember hedge fund manager David Simon Sugardaddy account being hacked by his wife Simon was a sugar daddy to several young women through a Web site called and was spending thousands of dollars per week paying these…