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Billions Star: Most Hedge Fund Managers are Sociopaths

Billions Star Damian Lewis: Most Hedge Fund Managers are Sociopaths. Billions star Damian Lewis says his character Bobby Axelrod is a hero to hedge fund billionaires Damian Lewis is the ginger Brit actor currently playing hedge fund manager extraordinaire Bobby…

Top 30 Hottest Startup CEOs

Top 30 Hottest Startup CEO 30. David Arabov Arabov created the news website Elite Daily because he and the site’s other two cofounders wanted to make a news site that was The Huffington Post for millennials. “Gen Y is where…

UK Top 25 Wealthiest Billionaires ST Rich List

Top 25 Britain’s Richest billionaires, according to The Sunday Times Rich List. 1 Len Blavatnik £13.17 billion 2 Sri and Gopi Hinduja £13 billion 3 Galen and George Weston and family £11 billion 4 Alisher Usmanov £9.8 billion 5 David and…

Once Hottest Hedge Fund Couples that Ended Badly

Biggest hedge fund fights and break-ups. Including Billionaire George Soros Ex Girlfriend Adriana Ferreyr Berserk George Soros With the Lamp. Then Smacks the 83 Year Old in the Head and Calls Him an Asshole and Piece of Shit.

Things You Didn’t Know About Bill Ackman

“I once made that argument that my net worth has never really gone up, because when I was younger I assumed that I would do really well and I have always had a present value whatever I was expecting to earn over time. As each year goes by my net worth increased to what I expected it to be over time,” Ackman says,

The Missing Wolf – The Real Story

The Missing Wolf – The real deal.
Yes most of what you saw was true. What we didn’t see was the cult like mind altering phenomenon that the “Wolf” bestowed on us. For the record, during my five years in the devils den not once did I hear Jordan referred to as the “Wolf”.

We “Strattonites” preferred to to call him The King. As is true in any Monarchy, he was our ruler and us, his servants followed every order. We were young, fresh out of collage or no post high school experience at all.