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Political Bigs and Hedge Fund Titans at George Soros Wedding Today


Billionaire hedge fund titan George Soros 83, will marry 42-year-old Tamiko Bolton today, followed by a huge party at his Caramoor Estate in Bedford, with 500 guests.
George Soros, hedge fund titan with net worth of $20 Billion and Tamiko Bolton plan to exchange vows in a small ceremony on Saturday morning at the Bedford, New York estate

Hedge Fund Wives – Do and Don’t of good Hedge Fund Wife


Hedge Fund Wives – Do and Don’t of good Hedge Fund Wife. Hedge fund wife Alexandra Cohen (wife of hedge fund titan Steve Cohen) is sharing some rules about being a good hedge fund wife. Examples of Steve Cohen’s ex wife Patricia Cohen and what she did wrong. Being a hedge fund wife isn’t easy.

Hedge Fund Ex Wife Billionaire Dater Elle Macpherson


Supermodel Elle Macpherson is among the hedge fund ex wives that only billionaires.

Like Jim Chanos ex Julie Hayek she is a serial billionaire dater- it sure beats hedge fund titan Steve Cohen’s ex wife who instead of moving on and picking up another billionaire keeps suing his ex.

Now if you don’t think Elle has thing for billionaires, lets check out her portfolio.

Soros’s Ex Falsely Accused Rape Charge Suit


Hedge fund titan George Soros’s Ex Adriana Ferreyr is going to be hit with another lawsuit. This time its for falsely accusing fellow Columbia student in rape. Adriana Ferreyr, the Brazilian bombshell who’s in a legal battle with ex-lover George…

Naomi Throwing Crazy 4 Day Party For Billionaire Boyfriend


Supermodel Naomi Campbell Planning Crazy 4 Day Party For Billionaire Boyfriend Vladimir Doronin Naomi Campbell is throwing a lavish Indian 50th birthday party in Jaipur, Rajasthan, for her billionaire boyfriend Vladimir Doronin early next month. The four-day celebration, to be…

Jim Chanos Ex is Writing a Book on Dating Billionaires


Hedge fund manager Jim Chanos’ ex girlfriend Julie Hayek has got her billionaire ex boyfriends worried with her upcoming tell all book about dating high net worth men. Besides Jim  Chanos Hayek has dated men including David Koch, Oracle’s Larry…

Hedge Fund Titan Soros Presents New Girlfriend


George Soros made first public appearance with the girlfriend Tamiko Bolton, who is no longer the secret second mistress. A night before a court date with his ex mistress Adriana Ferreyr. It was first time Soros, 81, and Bolton, 39,…

Hedge Funders Getting Downward Horndog With Tropy Yogis

Hedge Funder Dan Loeb, 49, who manages more than $5.5 billion in assets, married yogini Margaret Munzer in 2004 Daniel Loeb’s wife, a  graduate from Brown University and from NYU’s School for Social Work, she is known for collecting contemporary…

Hedge Funder and Yoga Confessions

Paul Tudor Jones, worth about 10 billion dollars, was doing a headstand about ten feet away from me in yoga class and I was jealous of him. When you can’t do a headstand you do the yoga pose where your…

Downward Doggy Style

Sonia Jones, lithe blonde wife of hedge-fund billionaire Paul Tudor Jones, has partnered with the family of the late Ashtanga-yoga master Krishna Pattabhi Jois to launch a chain of yoga studios and boutiques. That’s got many of Jois’s devotees in…

True Hedge Fund Story – Partners in Clime

It’s a classic tale—man conquers Wall Street; wife enters New York society; the knives come out—only this time with more money, more bitchiness, and more questions. Is billionaire hedge-fund king Philip Falcone in financial free fall, or will his latest…

How to Marry a Hedge Funder?

  How to marry a hedge funder? Find out how they landed a titan 1. Lisa Perry 49, wife of Richard Perry The FIT graduate and vintage sixties-clothing collector recently started her own line of retro-inspired clothes. She’s also a…

Hedge Fund wives – Lisa Maria Falcone


Lisa Maria Falcone From Park Avenue fundraisers to Hollywood films, Lisa Maria Falcone is doing things her way. And that includes sometimes playing soccer with her kids in Central Park wearing a Lanvin dress and opera-length pearls. Read our interview…