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How Public Money Gets Into Hedge Funds

How Public Money Gets Into Invested Into Hedge Funds. Public pensions and college endowments are some of the biggest investors in hedge funds, investment vehicles that have made their managers some of the wealthiest people in the world. Middlemen funnel…

What is Hedge Fund? Hedge Fund History

“Hedged Fund” to “Hedge Fund” The term that Alfred W Jones used was “hedged fund.” It promised the Shangri- la of investment strategies: profit without risk. Using a metric he called “velocity” – a precursor to what is now called…

Billionaire Hedge Fund Boss Ray Dalio: Independent Thinking is Crucial for Success in Financial Markets

Self Made Billionaire Hedge Fund Boss Ray Dalio: Independent Thinking is Crucial for Success in Financial Markets.

Largest hedge fund Bridgewater Associates is known for its unique and brutally transparent work culture.
Ray Dalio says while at other firms people are asked to keep their thoughts to themselves, at Bridgewater they “have a right and an obligation to say I think this is terrible and explore whether or not that’s true.”
Dalio says Bridgewater is a “bit like entering the Navy SEALs, …There’s a period – about 18 months-of sort of adaptation to this. And some make it and some don’t make it. And so we call it ‘getting to the other side.'”

“We describe it as: there’s the upper-level you and the lower-level you. The human brain is part thoughtful man …and part animal. And you have to drag yourself. And we see the struggle as between the upper-level them and the lower-level them,” he says referring to the difference between what they brain  wants and what a person’s emotions struggle with.

In the end though he believes this transparency is crucial to the “independent thinking” you need in financial markets so you can know quickly identify your weaknesses and address them.

Billionaire Hedge Fund Boss Ray Dalio: Indipendent Thinking is Crucial for Success in Financial Markets

50 Cent Keys to Fearlessness

Top 10 key points on becoming fearless by 50 Cent and Robert Greene  Source: The 50th Law Confront your mortality — the sublime In the face of our inevitable mortality we can do one of two things. We can attempt…

Hedge Fund Education – What is Hedge Fund

Hedge fund is an investment vehicle that can take both long and short positions, use arbitrage, buy and sell undervalued securities, trade options or bonds, and invest in almost any opportunity in any market where it foresees impressive gains at…

Hedge Fund Math

Hedge I Win Tales You Loose!  Besides Performance We Charge the Management fee!   How well do all these hedge-fund managers do? Great! Because the hedge-fund business is the best business in the world. Unless you’re a client. All Together…