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Credit Suisse – Penalty…Pleas?

Brady Dougan

  Credit Suisse, one of the world’s leading banks with operations in 50 countries, was just reprimanded by U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder. The U.S. Justice Department accused Credit Suisse AG with helping wealthy Americans dodge paying taxes. As evidence…

Law Opens Financing of Start-Ups to Crowdfunding


On Monday, federal legislation goes into effect to allow small start-ups to ask for equity investments publicly, such as through social media sites or elsewhere on the Internet, without having to register the shares for public trading. On Monday, federal…

What To Know about Publics Omnicom Merger

publics-omnicom (2)

Top 10 Things What To Know about Publics Omnicom Merger. 1. Cuts Are Coming. The new company will have a market cap of $35 billion and more than 130,000 employees. Over the weekend, executives said they plan to realize $500…