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Billionaire Carlos Slim is the second richest in the world with Net Worth of $72 Billion.
Birth date: 1940/01/28
Education: Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Bachelor’s Degree, Engineering, 1962

Carlos-Slim-Helu (2)Born in January 28 1940  to a Lebanese immigrant, Carlos Slim Helu earned a civil engineering degree at the National Autonomous University of Mexico School of Engineering in 1961. At age 25, he started the construction company Inmobiliaria Carso, and invested during the Mexican debt crisis of the 1980s, buying interests in tobacco, copper and mining. He also bought the restaurant and retail chain Sanborn Hermanos. In the 1990s, he took control of Telmex, the state-owned telephone company, and Grupo Condumex, a manufacturer of wire and fiber-optic cable.
A decade later, he began acquiring mobile phone operations throughout Latin America under the banner of American Movil, which he merged with Telmex in 2011. Despite his philanthropy — he has seeded his charitable foundation with more than $3 billion.
1940Carlos Slim Helu is born in Mexico City.
1961Graduates from Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.
1965Creates Inversora Bursatil after acquiring bottler Jarritos del Sur.
1966Founds the real estate investment company Inmobiliaria Carso.
1967Marries Soumaya Domit (d. 1999). They have six children.
1986Establishes his Fundacion Carlos Slim Helu philanthropic group.
1990Grupo Carso begins trading on the Bolsa exchange in Mexico.
1990Buys Telmex from the Mexican government.
1994Establishes Museo Soumaya to house his personal art collection.
1995Forms the corporate philanthropic benefactor Fundacion Telmex.
2007Surpasses Bill Gates to become the world’s richest man.
2008Takes 6.4 percent ownership of New York Times.

Patricio Slim, Maria Jesus Slim, Carlos Slim Domit, Carlos Slim Helu

Patricio Slim, Maria Jesus Slim, Carlos Slim Domit, Carlos Slim Helu

The majority of Slim’s fortune is derived from his interests in a handful of publicly traded companies. The largest among them is a 47 percent stake in America Movil, the biggest mobile-phone operator in the Americas by subscribers. His next biggest positions are in banking and insurance firm Grupo Financiero Inbursa and mining company Minera Frisco.

Carlos-Slim-Helu (4)The billionaire’s stakes in at least a half dozen other companies, including New York Times, Philip Morris and Saks, make up the balance of his public holdings. Many of these companies pay a dividend.
Slim has collected more than $5.5 billion in dividend income in the past decade, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Based on an analysis of his insider transactions, market performance, investments, charitable giving and taxes, the Mexican investor probably has more than $6 billion in art, cash and other investable assets.
He also has about $1.5 billion in debt, according a person familiar with his holdings who asked not to be identified because the information is private.