US Businessman Gets 15 Years for China Linked Espionage


US Businessman Walter Liew Gets 15 Years  and $29 Million Fine for China Linked Espionage. A federal judge has sentenced a California chemical engineer to 15 years in prison and fined him $28.3 million for a rare economic-espionage conviction for selling China a secret recipe to a widely used white pigment. A jury previously convicted…

Hedge Fund Talks Break Down- Argentina Facing Default


Hedge Fund Talks Break Down- Argentina Facing Default. The fate of Argentina’s economy now rests on its ability to resolve a dispute with a group of bondholders led by a multibillion-dollar hedge fund. “Argentina’s professed willingness to negotiate with its creditors has proven to be just another broken promise,” said Jay Newman, a portfolio manager…

Hedge Fund Managers Who Love Strippers at Work


Hot shot hedge fund guys working long hours prefer having strippers and hookers in the office.

Billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio got fired for ardering strippers for his boss is now ruinning the largest hedge fund in the world.

Hedge Fund Closing That Put a lot of Prostitutes Out Of Work – that was the case when hedge fund founder Raj Rajaratnam was arrested.

Bernie Madoff office was so frequent to coke and hoes that it was nicknamed as North Pole.

World Best Paid Hedge Fund Billionaire David Tepper Getting Divorced


Hedge Fund Billionaire David Tepper Getting Divorced. The world’s highest-paid hedge fund manager – who is worth an estimated $10 billion – has split from his wife, friends have revealed. David Tepper, 56, and his wife, Marlene, 55, have not yet formally filed for divorce but have separated and are telling friends that the marriage…

Quite The Triangular Arbitrage. Ey Carl ;)

carl ichan phone tap insider trading

Something is not right here, yesterday, we reported that ZIFF Brothers is shutting its doors and now this!?!? The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Securities and Exchange Commission are questioning the relationship between Carl Icahn and his pals. Investigators are pursuing a major probe in to Icahn involving: insider trading finance gambling sports SEC said to be examining the trading…

Jim Carrey’s Inspiring Commencement Speech at University Featuring Transcendental Meditation


Jim Carrey Gives  Inspiring Commencement Speech at at Maharishi University of Management Featuring Transcendental Meditation. On Transcendental Meditation: “It does allow you to separate who you truly are and what’s real from the stories that run through your head. You [the university] have given them [the graduates] the ability to walk behind the mind’s elaborate…

Russia and China Sign $400 Billion Gas Deal


Russia and China Sign $400 Billion Gas Deal to supply natural gas to China through a new pipeline over 30 years. Russia reached a $400 billion deal to supply natural gas to China through a new pipeline over 30 years, a milestone in relations between the world’s largest energy producer and the biggest consumer. Today’s…

Britain’s Billionaire and F1 Boss Bernie Ecclestone in Bribery Trial

Bernie Ecclestone

     Britain’s Billionaire and F1 boss, Bernie Ecclestone, is fighting to save his freedom and reputation. He is being held up in a bribery trial in Munich, Germany. Gerhard Gribkowsky, former Chief Risk Officer at Bayern Landesbank, is the key witness against Mr. Ecclestone. Gribkowsky was in charge of selling the 47.2% stake in…

100 Biggest Hedge Funds 2014


2014 Top 100 Biggest Hedge Funds 2014 Institutional Investor Alpha hedge fund 100 - ranking of the world’s biggest hedge fund firms. 2014 the he world’s 100 largest hedge funds managed $1.51 trillion in total, which is up 14% from early 2013, when they managed $1.33 trillion. Over the past two years, assets of the top 100…