Crazy Fight Between CNBC and Fox Business at Davos


The catfight between CNBC and Fox Business Network at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, is out of control. The final straw: Fox Business Network anchor Maria Bartiromo was caught on tape talking about CNBC’s production team nearby, saying, “Look what they’re doing … they’re embarrassing themselves.” Bartiromo — who last year left the…

Top 30 Hottest Startup CEOs


30. David Arabov Arabov created the news website Elite Daily because he and the site’s other two cofounders wanted to make a news site that was The Huffington Post for millennials. “Gen Y is where our biggest source of traffic comes from. The average reader is between 18 to 26 years old, and it’s split…

Top Hedge Funds For 2015


Critics love to hate hedge funds’ relatively high fees, low performance and secrecy. But the industry is managing more money than ever—and is poised to grow even more in 2015. “Barring a large and unexpected global or financial event, hedge funds are positioned for another year of solid growth,” industry data tracker eVestment wrote in…

More Startups Aim to Keep it Private


Wall Street is dealing with new challenges in one of its bedrock businesses, taking young companies public, as more startups choose to stay private longer. A number of Internet, software and consumer companies are raising huge sums in private deals that enable them to postpone initial public offerings for years, if not indefinitely. Moreover, they…

Cheat Sheet- Some Meangiless Phrases that will Make you Sound like Stock Market Wiz


Henry Blodget from Business Insider  explains why these and about a dozen other commonly heard market-speak phrases are meaningless. Some of the phrases are just a way to sound smart and cover your ass if the market turns–they’re noncommittal masterpieces like “We’re constructive on the market.” But the always wise and energetic Blodget includes some…

Ridiculously Stupid things Finance People Say All The Time


“They don’t have any debt except for a mortgage and student loans.” OK. And I’m vegan except for bacon-wrapped steak. “Earnings were positive before one-time charges.” This is Wall Street’s equivalent of, “Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?” “Earnings missed estimates.” No. Earnings don’t miss estimates; estimates miss earnings. No one ever…

Year of High and Lows for these Hedge Funds

It was late July and Robert Atchinson and Phillip Gross founders of the large but little-known Boston hedge fund firm Adage Capital Management LP—were up $1 billion in a single day when shares of pharmaceutical company Puma Biotechnology Inc. more than tripled after the release of an encouraging study for the fledgling drug neratinib. But…

On Insider Trading Law


The ruling by the 2nd Circuit in the Newman/Chiasson (Todd Newman Diamondback and Anthony Chiasson – Level Global) insider trading case has drawn much criticism for seemingly allowing rich, stock traders to skirt the law and gain an advantage over the individual investor.  However, the ruling should be viewed as a victory for the average…

Banker’s Open Letter to Russell Brand – Hilarious


Dear Russell, Hi. I’m Jo. You may remember me. You may even have filmed me. On Friday, you staged a publicity stunt at an Royal Bank of Scotland-RBS office, inconveniencing a hundred or so people. I was the lanky slouched guy with a lot less hair than you but (I flatter myself) a slightly better…

Biggest Oops’ in Tech this Year


This is a list on tech disasters of 2014. View the biggest Oops in tech 15. Microsoft’s Band Microsoft unexpectedly released a fitness tracking gadget. The snap reaction was to applaud Microsoft for quietly releasing a new fitness gadget. It was a very un-Microsoft move to quickly, quietly release a new product. But that only…

Friday’s Update- Stocks Tank Oil Plunges Bonds Surge


Stocks tanked, the price of oil fell, and bonds rallied on Friday. For the week, the Dow Jones lost 3.7%, the blue-chip index’s worst week since November 2011. The S&P 500 lost 3.5%, its worst week since May 2012, and the Nasdaq lost 2.7% during the week. First, the scoreboard: Dow: 17,280.8, -315.5, (-1.8%) S&P…

Hedge Fund Firm F Squared Settles False Advertising Case by Paying 35 Million

Bloomberg Link Money Managers

Hedge fund firm F-Squared Investments has agreed to pay $35 million and admit wrongdoing to settle charges that it defrauded investors through false performance advertising about its flagship product. The SEC separately charged the firm’s co-founder and former CEO Howard Present with making false and misleading statements to investors as the public face of F-Squared.…

Turining Shit Into Sugar – Warren Buffet


Warren Buffett: Getting Rejected By Harvard Was The Most Pivotal Moment Of My Life. He was a pain to teachers in grade school, and just as bad in high school. As a teen, he was already a hustling businessman, raking in $53,000 by age 16. So while he didn’t see the need to go to…

Craziest Moments of Millionaire Playboy Dan Bilzerian’s Life

Dan_Bilzerian (5)

 This millionaire partyboy with the hottest girls around him is an instagram sensation. Although recently arrested but now released for trying to make a bomb and also recently kicked out of a Miami nightclub for allegedly kicking a woman named Vanessa Castano in the face. She has since filed a police report. However any of…

Ukraine’s Goverment to Eliminate Everything- Leaked Document


The public sector has no ability to support itself. In theory, they’re supposed to survive by taking a modest portion of people’s earnings through taxation, and then providing valuable services in exchange. Nature calls this ‘symbiosis’. But life rarely follows theory. In reality, bureaucrats and politicians who produce nothing of value parasitically choke off the…

Top 5 Best Performing Stocks of 2014

best stocks

The best-performing actively traded stocks of 2014: 1. American Airlines 2. Micron Technology 3. Tesla Motors 4. Facebook 5. Yahoo The list of 20 most-traded U.S.-listed stocks was put together at the Journal’s request by AJO, an investment firm in Philadelphia, and is based on trading volume through Nov. 20. Firms had to be worth…

Hedge Funds Massive Shut Down


Hedge funds are shutting at a rate not seen since the financial crisis, as many managers post disappointing returns and the largest players dominate money raising. The $37 billion hedge func Brevan Howard Asset Management LLP is the latest firm to shutter a fund. Last week it closed its $630 million commodity fund managed by…

Soo Busted- Checking out them Hotties

busted (2)

Busted in the most akward moments. If you think we left out world leaders from this gallery – you are so wrong. Obama is in few photos seriously cheking out those booties. President has got a serious butt fetish, but he is by far not the only one. Or just see what happens when Kim K flashes her ass on football game.

How to Have an Affair and Not Get Caught

affair (2)

Want to have your cake and eat it too? You don’t have to be a cheating strategist but there are few rules you must follow in order to keep it under the radar. Remember this is not the guide just how to have an affair but how to have an affair and not get CAUGHT.

Dan Loeb Wins Board Seats at Dow


Billionaire Dan Loeb, who runs Third Point, one of the biggest hedge funds that agitates for change at publicly-traded companies, recently released a web site and a kind of attack video, criticizing Dow and its CEO, Andrew Liveris, for breaking promises to shareholders. Third Point even created an advisory board of sorts that included AIG…

Bill Acman Makes $2.2 Billion Despite Allergan Bid Failure

US Open

Hedge fund manager can count on a significant profit on his Allergan stake despite losing out to rival Actavis in long-running takeover tussle. Billionaire activist investor Bill Ackman has made around $2.7bn   of profit on his punt on US botox maker Allergan, despite failing to seize control of the company. Allergan on Monday agreed to…

Hedgies Loading up on Alibaba


Chinese e-commerce website was the hot initial public offering of the year on Wall Street. And not surprisingly, shares of Alibaba wound up in the portfolios of many well-known money managers in the third quarter. Hedge Funds Third Point, Viking Global Investors, Paulson & Company and Soros Fund Management were some of the hedge…

Guilty! Kristin Davis Goes To Jail

2 years for Kristin-Davis-505x304

Kristin Davis, former COO of a Hedge Fund, then former madam and then former  candidate for governor and New York City comptroller, was sentenced Wednesday to two years in jail after she pleaded guilty to illegally distributing prescription pills, the U.S. Attorney said.  According to the United States Attorney’s Office, Davis sold drugs on several…

SEC Reveales Some Hedge Fund Advisors Misrepresent Hedge Funds to Market and Advertise


Some U.S. hedge fund advisers misrepresent hedge funds by “cherry-picking” investments to showcase their performance and improperly changing how they value securities. Andrew Bowden, head of the SEC’s Office of Compliance, Inspections and Examinations, revealed preliminary findings to an audience of compliance professionals as the agency reaches the tail end of a two-year effort to…

Accused Ass Grabber Hedge Funder Calls Bartender a Fucking Cunt


Hedge Funder Brian Lederman Accused in Grabbing Bartender’s Ass Calls Bartender a Fucking Cunt.

Hedge funder’s defense in grope case: ‘I always grab women’
Brian Lederman claims he didn’t grab waitress Laura Ramadei, but says he’s done it plenty to others.
He says he’s a connoisseur of the “ass grab” — but this waitress just wasn’t on his menu.

Ken Griffin Bullied Wife into Signing a Prenup that Would leave her 1% of $5.6 Billion Fortune


Hedge fund Billionaire Ken Griffin Bullied Wife into Signing a Prenup that Would leave her 1% of $5.6 Billion Fortune. Hedge fund ex wife Anne Dias-Griffin, 43, claims Ken Griffin, 45, pressured her to sign agreement with the help of a therapist he had a business relationship with Mr Griffin’s personal wealth is $5.6billion earned…

BoA $17 Billion Settlement


Bank of America has reached a record $17 billion settlement to resolve an investigation into its role in the sale of mortgage-backed securities before the 2008 financial crisis. Out of $17 Billion, the bank will pay $10 billion in cash and provide consumer relief valued at $7 billion. The deal is the largest settlement arising from…

US Businessman Gets 15 Years for China Linked Espionage


US Businessman Walter Liew Gets 15 Years  and $29 Million Fine for China Linked Espionage. A federal judge has sentenced a California chemical engineer to 15 years in prison and fined him $28.3 million for a rare economic-espionage conviction for selling China a secret recipe to a widely used white pigment. A jury previously convicted…