Guilty! Kristin Davis Goes To Jail

2 years for Kristin-Davis-505x304

Kristin Davis, former COO of a Hedge Fund, then former madam and then former  candidate for governor and New York City comptroller, was sentenced Wednesday to two years in jail after she pleaded guilty to illegally distributing prescription pills, the U.S. Attorney said.  According to the United States Attorney’s Office, Davis sold drugs on several…

SEC Reveales Some Hedge Fund Advisors Misrepresent Hedge Funds to Market and Advertise


Some U.S. hedge fund advisers misrepresent hedge funds by “cherry-picking” investments to showcase their performance and improperly changing how they value securities. Andrew Bowden, head of the SEC’s Office of Compliance, Inspections and Examinations, revealed preliminary findings to an audience of compliance professionals as the agency reaches the tail end of a two-year effort to…

Accused Ass Grabber Hedge Funder Calls Bartender a Fucking Cunt


Hedge Funder Brian Lederman Accused in Grabbing Bartender’s Ass Calls Bartender a Fucking Cunt.

Hedge funder’s defense in grope case: ‘I always grab women’
Brian Lederman claims he didn’t grab waitress Laura Ramadei, but says he’s done it plenty to others.
He says he’s a connoisseur of the “ass grab” — but this waitress just wasn’t on his menu.

Ken Griffin Bullied Wife into Signing a Prenup that Would leave her 1% of $5.6 Billion Fortune


Hedge fund Billionaire Ken Griffin Bullied Wife into Signing a Prenup that Would leave her 1% of $5.6 Billion Fortune. Hedge fund ex wife Anne Dias-Griffin, 43, claims Ken Griffin, 45, pressured her to sign agreement with the help of a therapist he had a business relationship with Mr Griffin’s personal wealth is $5.6billion earned…

BoA $17 Billion Settlement


Bank of America has reached a record $17 billion settlement to resolve an investigation into its role in the sale of mortgage-backed securities before the 2008 financial crisis. Out of $17 Billion, the bank will pay $10 billion in cash and provide consumer relief valued at $7 billion. The deal is the largest settlement arising from…

US Businessman Gets 15 Years for China Linked Espionage


US Businessman Walter Liew Gets 15 Years  and $29 Million Fine for China Linked Espionage. A federal judge has sentenced a California chemical engineer to 15 years in prison and fined him $28.3 million for a rare economic-espionage conviction for selling China a secret recipe to a widely used white pigment. A jury previously convicted…

Hedge Fund Talks Break Down- Argentina Facing Default


Hedge Fund Talks Break Down- Argentina Facing Default. The fate of Argentina’s economy now rests on its ability to resolve a dispute with a group of bondholders led by a multibillion-dollar hedge fund. “Argentina’s professed willingness to negotiate with its creditors has proven to be just another broken promise,” said Jay Newman, a portfolio manager…

Hedge Fund Managers Who Love Strippers at Work


Hot shot hedge fund guys working long hours prefer having strippers and hookers in the office.

Billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio got fired for ardering strippers for his boss is now ruinning the largest hedge fund in the world.

Hedge Fund Closing That Put a lot of Prostitutes Out Of Work – that was the case when hedge fund founder Raj Rajaratnam was arrested.

Bernie Madoff office was so frequent to coke and hoes that it was nicknamed as North Pole.

Quite The Triangular Arbitrage. Ey Carl ;)


Something is not right here, yesterday, we reported that ZIFF Brothers is shutting its doors and now this!?!? The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Securities and Exchange Commission are questioning the relationship between Carl Icahn and his pals. Investigators are pursuing a major probe in to Icahn involving: insider trading finance gambling sports SEC said to be examining the trading…

Jim Carrey’s Inspiring Commencement Speech at University Featuring Transcendental Meditation


Jim Carrey Gives  Inspiring Commencement Speech at at Maharishi University of Management Featuring Transcendental Meditation. On Transcendental Meditation: “It does allow you to separate who you truly are and what’s real from the stories that run through your head. You [the university] have given them [the graduates] the ability to walk behind the mind’s elaborate…

Credit Suisse – Penalty…Pleas?

Brady Dougan

  Credit Suisse, one of the world’s leading banks with operations in 50 countries, was just reprimanded by U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder. The U.S. Justice Department accused Credit Suisse AG with helping wealthy Americans dodge paying taxes. As evidence began to mount that this was the case, Credit Suisse began to comply with federal…

Russia and China Sign $400 Billion Gas Deal


Russia and China Sign $400 Billion Gas Deal to supply natural gas to China through a new pipeline over 30 years. Russia reached a $400 billion deal to supply natural gas to China through a new pipeline over 30 years, a milestone in relations between the world’s largest energy producer and the biggest consumer. Today’s…

100 Biggest Hedge Funds 2014


2014 Top 100 Biggest Hedge Funds 2014 Institutional Investor Alpha hedge fund 100 – ranking of the world’s biggest hedge fund firms. 2014 the he world’s 100 largest hedge funds managed $1.51 trillion in total, which is up 14% from early 2013, when they managed $1.33 trillion. Over the past two years, assets of the top 100…

Batman, Ben Affleck Banned from BlackJack in Las Vegas


Ben Affleck was recently enjoying a mini-vacation in Las Vegas with his wife Jennifer Garner. That all came to an abrupt halt, when Ben was accused by Hard Rock Casino security of being “too good at blackjack”. The casino security was suspicious of him counting cards. Mr. Affleck was permitted to stay and play other…

Best Weed Jokes and Pics


“Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction.” ― Bob Marley Pictures of Famous People Smoking Weed   President Obama smoking a joint ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 19     Heavy Pot Smoke is Why Pilots on Bieber’s Plane Had to Wear Gas Masks Pilots on Bieber’s Plane Had…

This is What John Lennon Had to Say About Mass Media and War


John Lennon speaks how insane the world and mass media focusing all about war.

John’s powerful status helped him realize he could do great things. All Lennon wanted to do was spread the word of peace without violence, and that’s just what he did. He used his music to communicate to people. His message came across, and people listened.

Twitter, WTF US Airways ???


It all started during this pretty routine conversation with a customer: 1:11 AM – 14 Apr 14 Elle@ElleRafterFollow @USAirways Unhappy that 1787 sat for an hour on tarmac in CLT because overweight, resulting in over hour late arrival in PDX… 1:18 AM – 14 Apr 14 US Airways@USAirwaysFollow @ellerafter We truly dislike delays too and are very…

Gazprom Comes Up $ 910 Billion Short, as Russia Stumbles


Gazprom Comes Up $ 910 Billion Short, as Russia Stumbles.   Back in April 2007,  OAO Gazprom’s (OGZD) deputy chief executive officer, Alexander Medvedev said while offering up a prediction: its market value would quadruple to $1 trillion in as little as seven years. Medvedev was off by $910 billion. Since he made that forecast,…

New Mile High Club Sex on Plane Biz in LV


New sex flights offers sex on a  plane trips with complimentary lub and condoms. Mile high club type sex flighst called Love Club  include complimentary condoms and lubricant. The Cessna 421 Golden Eagle cruising one-mile above Las Vegas typically seats six people, but in lieu of seats, there’s a bed and complimentary condoms. Entrepreneur Andy…

The Missing Wolf


The Missing Wolf – The real deal.
Yes most of what you saw was true. What we didn’t see was the cult like mind altering phenomenon that the “Wolf” bestowed on us. For the record, during my five years in the devils den not once did I hear Jordan referred to as the “Wolf”.

We “Strattonites” preferred to to call him The King. As is true in any Monarchy, he was our ruler and us, his servants followed every order. We were young, fresh out of collage or no post high school experience at all.

Robert Leonard Is Optimistic About Hedge Funds 2014


Robert Leonard, managing director and global head of capital services at Credit Suisse, says: “Institutional investors predicted hedge fund industry assets under management to grow even faster this year by an average of 12%, to reach an all-time high of USD 2.8 Trillion, with an upper quartile forecast of USD 3 Trillion. If accurate, this…

Ex SAC Trader Mathew Martoma Just Lost His Stanford MBA


Hedge fund SAC former  portfolio manager Mathew Martoma is no longer a graduate of Stanford’s business school. A university official told the WSJ that Mathew Martoma does not hold a degree from Stanford Graduate School of Business anymore. Most convicts don’t lose their degree, but it now appears Martoma got into Stanford on false pretenses.…

Billionaire Bully & Boobs

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin shows his power at this, call its a “hostile takeover.”  Nationals meet with factory owners demanding they sign on the dotted line……….

Hit single dubbed “Classic Putin.” This video went viral.  After billionaire  Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s gut check. “Sign This!”


Culinary Playboy Sexy Threesome Drama


Culinary Playboy Gets Drink Thrown at Him By Angry Ex GF Amid Sexy Threesome. Todd English cooked up a new recipe for romance at Meatpacking club Provocateur Saturday night a sex sandwich with the ingredients being himself stuffed between two half-dressed women in a dark booth. Spies told NYPost that English has spotted in a…

Quant-astic! Man Group Is Hiring

Hedge Fund Hiring Blowjob

Man Group is hiring this year! It’s on course to strip out £270m in costs by 2015, has removed over 530 front office staff in the last two years and has moved into a smaller space within its London HQ in Riverbank House and yet expansion is on the cards in 2014. Related articles Quant hedge funds…

Stop That Quant! Hedge Fund Two Sigma Accuses China.

Quant thief

Chinese Nationals accused of stealing  quantitative modeling and strategy secrets.  Again.   Hedge Fund Two Sigma Investments that manages some $18 billion, has previously accused a Chinese national who worked at the firm of stealing confidential information related to its secretive quantitative trading business. The hedge fund firm launched a lawsuit against Jianjun Qiu in 2006…

Police Attacking Ukraine Protesters Insane Images


In violent turn, Ukraine fighting kills at least 25.  Deadly clashes between protesters and police in Kiev on Tuesday led to a fire-lit nighttime assault by Interior Ministry troops on the main protest encampment at Independence Square, in what may be a dramatic and irreversible turn in Ukraine’s months-long political crisis. Ukraine protests: Violent clashes between…

Victoria, Still Saying “F*@# the EU” ??


Victoria Nuland, the US assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian Affairs, landed herself in the eye of a storm after she wascaught on tape saying “F*@# the EU”, while discussing the European Union’s efforts to address Ukraine’s crisis. The comment was made in a private telephone conversation with Geoffrey Pyatt, the US ambassador…

Protest Continue In the Ukraine

Ukraine Protests

Hundreds of Ukrainian protesters threw rocks at police outside parliament, as opposition lawmakers accuse the government of stalling constitutional reform that would decrease president’s powers. The confrontation Tuesday comes as a session to discuss those changes was delayed, and two days after protesters left a government building they had been occupying in Kiev after the…